A hot start for Maryland football has yet to win upperclass fans’ trust

An undefeated start through their first three games has Maryland’s football team feeling good, but fans have been hurt before.

“I think the team has been doing great so far,” said senior economics major Andrew Thorpe, “but I worry it’ll be like three years ago when we were ranked in the top 25 for a week.”

Maryland fans will remember 2013 for the Terps’ 63-0 loss to Florida State the week following the ranking.

“If that’s not the definition of disappointment then I don’t know what is,” added senior environmental science major Thalia Eigen.

Not all students are so reserved about Maryland’s potential, however.

“3-0, we want ‘Bama!” shouted senior economics major Mike Madonna, while some students were even easier to please.

“I like it when they throw the ball in the endzone,” was the simple requirement for senior finance major Andy Donohoe.

Maryland received two votes in this week’s AP poll which ranks them 4oth in the nation and two votes in the coach’s poll to place them at 45th respectively.

“They’re doing fine against the teams we’re supposed to be doing fine against,” said senior engineering major Jesse Lynch. “We scramble and get yards because we’re playing ‘Feel Good State.’”

With the Terps’ upcoming schedule, a 6-0 start is feasibly within reach. After this past week’s bye, Maryland plays Purdue at home for homecoming and then travels to Penn State. Running back Wes Brown will return against Purdue after serving his three game suspension.

“I’m glad we won the games we should, but I’m holding off hope until a big game,” said Lynch. “Penn State is a proving ground but Michigan State is our first real big game.”

The Terps are looking to take advantage of their easier games before their schedule toughens up significantly. After Penn State, Maryland will continue Big Ten play against #17 Michigan State, Indiana, #4 Michigan, and #2 Ohio State before finishing the season against Nebraska and Rutgers.

Maryland is hoping to reach a bowl game under their first-year head coach and erase the memory of their last bowl game, a 45-21 loss to Stanford in the Foster Farms Bowl in 2014.

Featured image by Lauren Anikis. 

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