Pakistani Student Association holds vigil for UMD student

The UMD Pakistani Student Association held a vigil Wednesday for Farhad Siddique, who was shot and killed last week.

Siddique was killed by his father in a murder-suicide near Parkside Apartments.


The vigil was held at the McKeldin fountain. Candles were rested along the water, as students gathered around while the sun set behind McKeldin Library. The ceremony began with prayers led by members of the UMD Pakistani Student Association.


The group encouraged students to come up to the microphone and say a few words about Siddique. A group of his classmates from high school, lab partners from more recent classes, and longtime family friends were among those who spoke about Siddique. They said he had a great sense of style and humor.


“He never got into arguments with anyone,” said Arman Khan, who knew Siddique for nearly 12 years, “and he was always a joy to be around.”

Following several speeches about Siddique, during which his close friends stood together in solidarity, the University Health Center presented a plaque in memory of Siddique, who had had worked there previously. The plaque displayed a picture of him, as well as a copy of his email describing how he wanted to take advantage of working for the Health Center for another semester.


By all accounts of those who knew him Siddique was a caring individual who always looked for opportunities to get to know and help people.

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