Jai Wolf and Gryffin light up UMD Fallapalooza

Students lined up outside Ritchie Coliseum Wednesday night to see EDM artists Jai Wolf and Gryffin perform at this year’s Fallapalooza, the annual seasonal entertainment event hosted by Student Entertainment Events.

For the entire evening, strobes lit up the venue and the audience in the floor had their hands in the air and eyes glued to the stage.

The crowd shows their enthusiasm at the concert. Photo by Lauren Anikis

“I’ve never seen either of them live, and they were both phenomenal,” said sophomore education and dance major Corinne Kuntz. “It was a really positive atmosphere and everyone was dancing.”

Both artists, who gained popularity over the Internet, are known for their mash-ups and remixes of pop songs. Jai Wolf’s most successful song, “Indian Summer,” has sold more than 70,000 singles.

Dan Griffith, whose goes by his stage name, Gryffin, goes into his shows with the agenda of lifting up the audience and moving them on an emotional level. One thing he really appreciates seeing is the crowd singing his music back to him.

“I think EDM in general is very fun,” said Gryffin. “It brings people together. It’s about good vibes and positivity, and I think that’s sort of what youth culture really loves, and can really get behind and rally behind.”

Gryffin connected with Jai Wolf at his house in Long Island two years ago before achieving commercial success.

“It was the funniest thing because his mom was, like, making curry upstairs and we’re in the basement all making music. It was me, Manila Killa, Jai Wolf, Mark Johns, I forget who else was there,” said Griffith. “But it was kind of cool how two years later everyone’s doing some cool stuff.”

According to sophomore Amanda Hamilton, however, not enough people were there to experience the night.

“The floor tickets should not have been sold out,” Hamilton said. “It really wasn’t crowded at all, like most EDM concerts are.”

When he ends his shows, Gryffin walks off stage with hopes that he has not only satisfied his fan base, but has also won some new fans over.

“Every show’s different, but it’s all about just trying to hype [the crowd] up,” said Griffith. “I feel like if you establish a reputation as a good live act, and a fun show, it kind of makes people want to come out.”

For sophomore public health science major Louie Gold, this was definitely one of those cases.

“It was absolutely wild,” said Gold. “I had never been to a concert like that before, and I’m so happy I went. The music was amazing.”

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