Students compete for ‘Fittest Terps on Campus’

University of Maryland students tested their fitness on Friday at the Terrapin Fitness Combine in the Reckord Armory hosted by University Recreation and Wellness.

Twenty-three coed teams from all levels of fitness experience competed for a $100 gift card to the University Book Center and the title of the “Fittest Terp on Campus.”

The event incorporated six fitness events included in the NFL Combine: a 40-yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, sit ups, shuttle run and sit and reach. The event lasted three hours, unlike the NFL Combine, which is three days long.

“This is a friendly fitness competition designed to promote overall fitness,” said Brianne Rowh, assistant director of fitness at University Recreation and Wellness. “The goal is to do something fun to celebrate fitness and social wellness, as well.”

In most of the events the team’s scores are averaged together. “It’s really designed that you could have one person that excels in a few areas and one excels in another few areas to balance each other out,” Rowh said.

The event grew from 13 to 23 teams since last year, which was the first year it was held in Cole Field House. Several of the teams are returners who participated last year.

Leeza Malachevsky, a senior mechanical engineering major, and Chris Wampler, a senior bioengineering major, returned from last year to win the competition with a large gap.

Malachevsky outshined the competition in the sit ups event with 96 sit ups in two minute period. Wampler was among the top competitors for the 40-yard dash and vertical jump.

“I think having an even balance in the female and male side really helped us,” Wampler said. “Combining the scores and taking the average was very helpful for a team like ours because our scores are so close to each other and very high as well.”

Terps Fitness Combine
Photo by Kaleena Dwyer

Malachevsky and Wampler came back knowing what to expect, but for some newcomers the Combine was more challenging than expected.

Hannah Chung, a sophomore public health sciences major, and Sean Chung, a senior finance major, competed as a sibling duo. “I thought it would be fun and something we could do together to test how athletic we are,” Sean Chung said.

They agreed that the benchpress was the most challenging event, but overall a great time.

University Recreation and Wellness offers many resources for students, especially during difficult times in the semester.

“We strategically try to offer this more towards a stressful time of year to give you something exciting and motivate you to keep moving,” Rowh said.

This particular event will be held again next November around Veteran’s Day Weekend, but there are five more events being held this November.

For finals, the University Recreation and Wellness Center will host a hour-long “De-Stress for Finals Yoga” event on Dec. 12.

“It’s so fun that these kind of things happens on campus and we can see who else is into it and that’s how you make these connections,” Malachevsky said.

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