Trimble Leads Young Team, Terps Avoid Early Loss to Start Season

In their first regular season home game back in Xfinity Center in more than seven months, the Terps shook off some rust and survived an early scare from American University, winning 62-56.

Mark Turgeon’s starting squad consisted of Melo Trimble, Damonte Dodd, Jared Nickens and Freshmen Kevin Huerter and Anthony Cowan.

Clearly the new squad will take some adjusting to as many players like Diamond Stone and Robert Carter Jr. all left the team in search of playing time in the NBA, with Jake Layman graduating from Maryland as well.

With four minutes to go in the first half, Maryland found themselves down by four points to an American team that won just twelve games last season. However a Mark Turgeon timeout woke the Terps up at this point as they went on a 12-2 run to close out the first half.

Amazingly, however, the Eagles would not go away lightly. After being down by six entering the second half they kept the game close, allowing themselves never to be trailing by more than four points from the 19:05 minute mark all the way until the 2:17 minute mark.

Even after all this, the Eagles had a chance to win the game by getting a three point jumper to go with just 1:37 left in the half. However a Melo Trimble layup and one defensive stand after this three pointer forced the Eagles to start fouling and Maryland iced the game on two trips to the free throw line from Anthony Cowan and Melo Trimble.

Maryland’s 62 points came mainly off of Melo Trimble and Anthony Cowan, who combined for more than half of these with 34.

Nickens and Dodd, however, found themselves struggling in this game. Dodd played a total of 11 minutes and scored just three points with no rebounds to his name at all. Jared Nickens played a total of 15 minutes but went 0-for-5 from the field.

This poor shooting contributed to an abysmal 38.5 percent from the field and 28.6 from three-point range for the Terps.

It also may be too soon to tell, but Mark Turgeon may have found some favorites off the bench. Freshman Justin Jackson played a total of 26 minutes in this tightly contested match and added three points of his own with nine rebounds. Graduate Transfer L.G. Gill played a total of 22 minutes off the bench and added 11 points.

The Terps’ next game comes against old-time rival Georgetown in the Verizon Center this Tuesday November 15 at 6:30 p.m.

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