Office of Sustainability tables at Farmers Market for America Recycles Day

On Wednesday, the Farmers Market convened in front of Cole Field House, along with the Office of Sustainability, which had a table run by the LEAF Outreach Team for America Recycles Day.

Chris Weir, a freshman architecture major, was among the students tabling. At the table were games that encouraged participants to determine how to get rid of waste, answer trivia questions and play cornhole. Weir said that they had a greater variety of games for America Recycles Day.

“I’m on the LEAF Outreach Team, which is like the Office of Sustainability’s student task force,” Weir said. “We basically intern for the Office of Sustainability.”

Weir said that students who sign up for the LEAF Outreach Team are expected to serve at least 40 hours for the group per year, for which they receive one credit. Additional credits can be rewarded for more hours of service. Weir is one of 13 interns for LEAF.

Photo By Zach Phillips

Weir said the interns tend to have at least one event to help with per week, and the events range from tabling at football games to hosting sustainable craft sessions in residence halls.

“We’ll always have a table at the Farmers Market, we go around in Stamp and catch people ‘green handed,'” Weir said.

He described catching someone “green handed” as “rewarding sustainable practices on campus.” For example, when the team sees people refilling reusable water bottles in the Stamp Student Union, they reward them with stickers.

The Office of Sustainability had two tables at the market on Wednesday: one focusing on the games, and the other with information, and bright green pins and pencils students could take.

Photo by Zach Phillips

Adrienne Small, a recycling specialist with Facilities Management on campus, said she has been working with LEAF since its inception.

“We promote the recycling program on campus to help educate the campus community on how to recycle properly and why recycling is important,” she said.

Among the services Small described was the “drive to zero waste,” which is promoted at Maryland football games in an attempt to ensure that all waste is disposed of properly.

“It’s great to work with the LEAF team students, they’re energetic and great representatives of our programs,” she said. 

Photo by Zach Phillips

Although this was the last Farmers Market of the season, the LEAF Outreach Team will still be out and about on campus, promoting more sustainable community practices.


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