Faculty promotes Education Week through language games

Students and faculty tested their knowledge about the world  in a global trivia game Nov. 18 sponsored by the Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) in the atrium of Van Munching Hall.

Like Jeopardy, the game consisted of categories — language, culture, business and capital — with five amounts up to $500. Each category contained trivia about different countries in the world, including the capital of the Philippines and what the average time is to start a business in the U.S. Surprisingly, the most difficult question for the people who visited the game table was the capital of Canada, Ottawa, which was listed as $100.

Each person who participated in the event was entered into a raffle for the chance to win a black Smith School of Business baseball cap. The event attracted about 15 students and faculty to play during the hour that it was held.

“[I liked] the interesting facts,” Parker Rist, a sophomore finance and information systems major, said, “considering that 6 percent of people surveyed throughout the world didn’t know about the Coca Cola logo.”

Freshman business major Kathy Sheng liked how interactive the event was, and that the most surprising piece of information that she learned was the fact that the Spanish national anthem has no words.

“Who doesn’t like a game?” Sheng asked.

The game was the final event of International Education Week, which is a joint initiative by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education and is held every year in universities across the country. This year, the events on this university included a panel about global capabilities that make students more competitive for the workplace on Tuesday, an International Dance Workshop on Wednesday and an Internship Information Session on Thursday.

This year’s International Education Week theme was Language, said Elizabeth Burzensky, an  OGI and Center for International Business Education coordinator. Organizers advertised the events by handing out door signs to faculty inviting them to write out their names and the languages they speak.

Like Sheng, Burzensky liked the trivia game because it was interactive. But her favorite to organize was the Global Competencies event on Tuesday, saying that it was “a hit with students.”

Because the events were successful, organizers for the event do not have plans to significantly alter them for next year’s Education Week.

“I’m sure we’ll come up with new ideas but a lot of these have worked smoothly, so I’m sure we’ll keep a lot of them and see what’s current,” said program manager for graduate programs Olivia Nouailletas, who helped promote the event.

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