UMD students celebrate Pakistani culture for Rangeela

Although many tables and chairs were set up at the Colony Ballroom in Stamp Student Union on Nov. 30, almost no one was sitting down. The room was packed with students of all descents gathered for Rangeela, an event celebrating Pakistani culture.

The fun-filled night lasted until 11 p.m., and consisted of dancing, cultural performances, a photo booth and even a Snapchat filter. The event was organized by the UMD Pakistani Student Association (PSA).

Junior computer science major Bismah Amin is the president of the PSA.

“We really want to show the community what our culture does, and how we have fun,” Amin said.

Amin brought a diverse group of friends with her to Rangeela so they could have a clearer sense of what the Pakistani tradition is all about.

“I brought about six suits, and I’m giving them all out, one to my roommate who’s Turkish,” Amin said. “All my non-Pakistani friends are coming and they’re all wearing my clothes.”

Photo by Julia Heimlich

Three Pakistani groups performed for the event — a Punjabi-genre music group from UMBC who call themselves as the Bhangra Team, and two student artists, who go by the stage names Shimmer and Frosty.

Ibraheem Khan, a graduate student, is originally from Pakistan.

“I invited all my Indian friends here,” Khan said. “We have so much overlap in the culture, especially with the dancing and the food.”

The students on the dance floor were clumped together, like one big family.

Photo by Julia Heimlich

“Everyone seems so close together,” said Tasnim Benalla, a freshman business/pre-med double major. “I like that the community is so knit.”

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