Fuse 47 is bringing ‘luxury family style apartments’ to College Park

Photo by Alicia Cherem

Fuse 47, a new complex being built off of Route 1, will be the second apartment building constructed for non-students in a decade, as a part of the Greater College Park Initiative.

The project is scheduled to be completed this spring; residents will be allowed to move in as early as July 15. The Fuse 47 complex is being constructed in partnership with the Greater College Park Initiative, according to College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn. The initiative aims to revitalize the University of Maryland campus through investment in the surrounding College Park area, in partnership with the state of Maryland and Prince George’s County.

In recent years, the Greater College Park Initiative has worked with the community to build Nando’s Peri Peri, Terrapin Row, the Edward St. John Teaching and Learning Center on campus, The Hotel at the University of Maryland and the highly anticipated art gallery and restaurant, MilkBoy ArtHouse.

Wojahn describes the initiative as “an investment that UMD is making in the surrounding community to create redevelopment and economic opportunity, focus on university and innovation and entrepreneurship by creating new jobs, new housing and restaurants.” 

Fuse 47 is being marketed as a high quality multi-family apartment complex, which Wojahn describes as an exciting opportunity to make College Park more attractive not only to students who have recently graduated from the university, but to anyone who might be looking to move to a new and innovative city.

Randy Johnson, Fuse 47 property director, has been in College Park for five years and is excited about the city’s changing landscape through projects like Fuse 47.  

We are here to be a part of the community, in order to help bring back the arts, restaurants, and make people want to live here by revitalizing College Park,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that Fuse 47 plans on having events such open mic nights, free concerts and breast cancer awareness fundraisers in an attempt to make Fuse 47 a “beacon” of College Park.

“When people think of College Park, we want them to also think of Fuse 47,” said Johnson.  

Although Fuse 47 is part of the plan to revamp College Park, some residents at The View, a neighboring student apartment complex, have been disgruntled by the disruption. 

Erin Koppel, a sophomore psychology major who lives at The View, said her roommates have been complaining about the noise and traffic that the construction has created.

“The noise has been a constant thing ever since they started building last year. During the day, especially early in the mornings, there is a lot of construction going on,” Koppel said. “If you have late classes, well the noise is obviously very bothersome.”   

Fuse 47 is advertising luxury high quality family style apartments, starting at $1,545 a month. Johnson said that eight apartments have been leased thus far, with 267 left to be filled.

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