Comedian Leslie Jones delivers different humor to the SEE Spring Comedy Show

Line for Leslie Jones
Students line up in Stamp to see comedian Leslie Jones at the SEE Spring Comedy show.

By Ana Hurler

Comedian Leslie Jones began her act at the Student Entertainment Events Spring Comedy Show Thursday night in the Stamp Grand Ballroom, promising to deliver a different brand of humor than that seen during appearances on “Saturday Night Live.”

The SNL cast member and “Ghostbusters” star proceeded to tell the audience stories about her promiscuous love life, one highlight which included her ponytail flying off while dancing to get Prince’s attention at a Grammy afterparty.

Jones made sure to insert her unique humor into her tale by dancing around the stage and yelling into the microphone. Upon realizing there was a sign language interpreter present, Jones quickly took advantage of the opportunity to learn how to sign a few choice words before hopping off stage to talk with the audience.

Jones made her way to the back of the room, asking audience members their age and if they were single, saying she was hoping to set someone up. While her matchmaking goal wasn’t successful, Jones made up for it with plenty of friendly teasing. Along the way, she stopped to offer commentary on several people’s hair styles, even going so far as taking a sniff to determine her judgement.

“I think she just stays really true to herself, and I feel like all her jokes come from her and not from other people,” sophomore criminal justice major Jane Martin said. “I feel like she’s just a genuine, good human being.”

“I love SNL, and I thought that for only $10 I could definitely come,” Martin said.

SEE comedy director Drew Katz wrote in a statement over email that directors are given the freedom to choose the acts they wish to bring after considering campus interest, budget and artist availability. He said he chose Jones “mostly because she’s hilarious.”

“That, combined with her star power, made me believe there would be broad campus interest in seeing Leslie Jones perform,” he wrote. “I had the requisite funds to pull it off and luckily for me, SNL is off this weekend so she was free to do the show.”

Freshman English major Ally Hughes said she’s “a really big SNL fan,” and likes having the opportunity to attend entertainment events on campus.

“I think it’s really nice how many events there are on campus that you can do,” she said. “I think it’s really nice that they provide really cheap opportunities for students to get out and away from schoolwork.”

Sophomore public health science major Roja Kambhampati said this was the first comedy show she has attended and thought Jones’s act was funny.

“It was a pretty good first show to go to,” she said. “We didn’t go to the one last year and we kind of regretted it, so we were kind of excited to come here and see this.”

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