COIN and Phoebe Ryan draw students to Terpstock 2017

IMG_3013 2
Photo by Grace Dille.

By Grace Dille

Students gathered in the Nyumburu Amphitheatre on Sunday for the eighth annual outdoor musical arts festival, Terpstock 2017, featuring COIN and Phoebe Ryan.

Hosted by Student Entertainment Events (SEE), the festival featured student performers Hunter Smith, Elie Rizk and Rent Party throughout the sunny afternoon. Indie pop performances came from Phoebe Ryan and COIN later in the evening.

Sophomore Information Science major Alyssa Winters came to Terpstock last year.

“Both years have been really good,” Winters said. “I like seeing a different variety of bands, so it’s a good event. I came just when Rent Party was starting and I have listened to their SoundCloud before, so I really like them.”

Phoebe Ryan first gained fame from her mashup of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Miguel’s “Do You” in 2015. She also teamed up with The Chainsmokers on the hit “All We Know,” which reached number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The LA-based songwriter put out three of her own songs in 2016 and is readying her debut album in 2017. Her light, effortless voice had students swaying along to her songs throughout her set.

COIN is a band from Nashville that first gained attention in 2015 from their single, “Run.” They released their debut album the same year. In May 2016 they released the single “Talk Too Much” from their sophomore album, the band’s first song to chart on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.

The band’s full album, “How Will You Know If You Never Try,” is set to release April 21.

Senior Civil Engineering major Leslie Tillman’s favorite performance at the event was Phoebe Ryan, who she has already seen once in concert.

“I saw her [last year] in a dark, tiny, cramped music venue, with probably not the best sound quality either, so this is definitely better,” Tillman said. “I’ve never been to Terpstock before and I thought it was really cool that it’s outside and it has perfect weather.”

After Phoebe Ryan’s performance, students left their seats on outdoor blankets to crowd the front of the stage as they waited for headliner COIN to start. The crowd jumped and sang along to the band for the entire set.

“I didn’t even know that this event existed and I was really excited when I found out about it,” freshman Psychology major Melanie Katz said. “I knew a few COIN songs so I only came for them, but they were really good and I think I might see them at their D.C. show because I liked them a lot. I would definitely come to this event next year.”

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