Stamp Student Employment and Internship Fair sees substantial turnout

Photo by Abby Wallisch

by Abby Wallisch

The Stamp Student Union saw 260 students attend its first Student Employment and Internship Fair on Monday. 

Students had the opportunity to talk to 18 different organizations ranging from the Memorial Chapel to TerpZone. Attendees were provided with a double-sided sheet of paper listing all of the organizations at the event, what positions were available, the location of their tables in the ballroom and contact information.

Unlike other career fairs, students are not required to bring their resume or adhere to a formal dress code. However, Julie Andrus, an event coordinator at Stamp, said it was preferable that students come prepared.

“Come with questions and your resume, that will give you a great first impression,” said Andrus.

It’s common for students to get a job for financial reasons, to gain working experience that they can add to their resume, or to find a smaller community on campus. Freshman communication major Kimberly Rodriguez started working at TerpZone at the beginning of this semester, and says it’s been really good experience for her major.

“I get to interact with people which is really fun and am acquiring a bunch of people skills, which allows me to work a lot of my communication skills which is important for major,” said Rodriguez. Working and keeping up with school work can be a challenge, but Rodriguez explained that this job has been a great way to work on time management.

“Our managers are very understanding when it comes to school work,” said Rodriguez, “but it helps with time management because I have to come to work, so I need to make sure I have everything done around my work schedule.”

Sophomore information science major Beza Berhane is currently looking to find a job on campus. He has been to career fairs before, and was excited to be able to see what on campus opportunities there are.

“I think the campus is large enough that they can organize this more often. It’s a great event, it would just be nice if they offered it more frequently,” said Berhane.

Kalia Patricio, assistant director of human resources at Stamp, is hopeful that they can continue to host this event every spring and possibly during the fall.

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