Dance Teams Bring their Energy at Rip the Floor

IMG_2063By Pearl Mak

The University of Maryland’s Dynamic Dance Team held their 11th annual Rip The Floor dance competition at the Clarice Performing Arts Center April 15.

The event featured 10 competitive dance teams, each with their own routine and unique uniforms.

“It was awesome to see the age range of some of the groups and how they sculpted their routines to themes,” said Janet Lee, a junior and general biology and computer science major at UMBC. “I got to see a lot of dance crews with different styles perform.”

The Function dance team had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed performance. They incorporated dialogue from the original film and had dancers dressed as oompa loompas dancing around the stage.

UFP had a camping-themed routine, and dressed as boy scouts and girl scouts. One dancer dressed as a bear. They used props such as cardboard trees and a flag.

Rip the Floor featured not only competitive teams, but ten showcase teams as well. These showcase teams, including Project Monster and Cool Kids, performed their routine without being in the competition.

IMG_2073“I was really excited and anxious as Rip the Floor approached because we were only doing the set once and never doing it again,” said Gabrielle Noiwan, a Project Monster dancer. “The event was super fun and really rewarding because everyone worked hard to be a part of it. And because we were a showcase team and not a competitive team, it was a lot more fun and less intense because we didn’t have to care about winning.”

While the audience and participants waited for the final results to come out, the hosts invited all the teams to the stage for a final freestyle dance. Dancers gathered in a circle and took turns dancing to the music.

The hosts announced that UFP was the winner of the competition. The group took home the $500 grand prize. Function came in second place and Kickrocks in third.

IMG_2071Christine Wang, a dancer for Major Definition, one of the competitive dance teams, said she was anxious about performing because they were the first competing team to perform.

“We were fighting to place this competition,” Wang said. “But we did not place at Rip the Floor. Even so, we’re extremely happy to give our all, analyze the feedback that the judges gave us and leave everything on the stage.”

However, Wang was satisfied with being a participant in the competition.

“The different props, themes and styles displayed how creative and different each team was and that was what I appreciated most about this event,” Wang said. “Seeing people come together as a team and give their all on the stage is really inspiring and I am so thankful to be a part of something like that.”


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