Lemonade Pong Tournament Raises Money for Childhood Cancer Research

IMG_2172By Pearl Mak

The University of Maryland’s marketing, sales and management co-ed fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), hosted a Lemonade Pong Tournament at La Plata Beach April 20, to raise money for children with cancer. It was the fraternity’s biggest philanthropy event of the semester.

The event, which cost $5 to participate, was modeled after a beer pong game, but with water-filled cups instead of beer. In past years, the cups were filled with lemonade —hence the name of the event — but the ping pong balls had gotten too sticky to play with.

PSE raised money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a nationally recognized organization that raises money for research into treatments for childhood cancer.

The fraternity exceeded their $1,000 fundraising goal, raising $1,400 by the start of the event, said Vice President for Community Services Ari Riske, a freshman Ops and Marketing major who helped to organize the event.IMG_2171

The Lemonade Pong Tournament was originally going to be indoors, but PSE opted decided to host the tournament outside, to gain more attraction and raise awareness.

“We wanted to have it inside in case it rained,” said Riske. “We ended up doing it here, since a lot of people live here and a lot of freshman live here, so it’s easy to target.”

Several tables lined up along the side of the beach for different games of lemonade pong, in hopes that the event would spark interest in people walking by. Participants were split into teams of two, and played a round of pong against other teams. The team that lost in the round would be eliminated from the tournament, until one final team would be designated the winner. Each member of the winning team would receive a $20 gift card to Cornerstone.

Jossie Molina, a freshman and psychology major, lost in the beginning of the round, but was nonetheless happy to participate in an event for a good cause.

“I think that might have been the longest game ever in the history of pong,” Molina said. “It’s for such a good cause, you know, and the fact that it’s something that normally you do in a different setting, and now you bring your skills to this setting, I think it’s awesome.”

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