Maryland Day’s ‘UMoves’ performance shows off undergraduate talent and passion for dancing

Photo Courtesy of TDPS.

By Brittany Goodman

Each Maryland Day, students and faculty, families, alumni, prospective students and the College Park community have a chance to explore the ins and outs of everything the university has to offer. This year’s one-day open house, which took place April 29 around campus, focused on inspiration, boldness, curiosity and passion.

UMoves, one of Maryland Day’s highlighted events, featured a dance performance from undergraduate dancers in the School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies (TDPS).

According to sophomore dance major Merissa Collins, UMoves allows undergrad students to “share their artistic vision with the UMD community.”

Photo Courtesy of TDPS.

Christopher Morgan, the TDPS school’s Dance Artist-in-Residence, directed the UMoves performance, which included seven original works choreographed and performed by dance majors.

The performance gave the dancers and choreographers a chance to rehearse prior to the official showing, which will take place at the Clarice Performing Arts Center from May 5 to May 7.

“UMoves gave me the opportunity to work with undergrads and get more connected to the dance department,” said sophomore Corinne Kuntz, a dance and education double major.

Because undergraduate students are not always able to show their work with full lighting, production, and costume coordination, UMoves provided a unique opportunity that would highlight student artistry within a truly professional and ‘real-life’ atmosphere.

Photo Courtesy of TDPS.

UMoves choreographer Suzanne Creedon believes that even though UMoves may be a complicated and time-consuming experience for a full-time student, it is “necessary for a dance major to learn the process of producing a work.”

For all bodies involved, UMoves is consistently a highlight of the TDPS school year. Seeing ideas take fruition and become full-body works is a rewarding experience for the choreographers, dancers, and audience members, said junior government and politics major Sabrina Mallavarapu.

“The UMoves performance at Maryland Day was a great preview of the show,” Mallavarapu said. “I cannot wait to see the full production this week.”

For more information regarding show times and ticket prices, see

Photo Courtesy of TDPS.


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