UMD women’s golf team hosts second annual B1G Break Challenge

Photo by Rebecca Cohen.

By Rebecca Cohen

The University of Maryland women’s golf team gathered on UMD’s golf course Sunday to share an educational and fun-filled day of the sport with players, old and new, from the surrounding area.

The second annual B1G Break Challenge, organized by the UMD women’s golf team and their coaches, hoped to gather players from the area to enjoy a day of golf.

“All of our teams in the athletic department have their own golf tournament fundraisers where they go on the course and play, but as a golf team, we wanted to do something different … so we came up with showcasing our great short game facility, women’s golf team head coach Diana Cantu said. “We decided to showcase some of the cool events that they used to show on the [B1G Break Challenge] TV show and put them into our fundraiser.”

The event began with a 30-minute clinic so beginners could catch up to more advanced players. Once everyone felt comfortable with the game and the equipment, participants rotated through different stations, each with a small game to play. These games focused on different golfing skills, so the participants could hone in on their technique while having fun.

Each station awarded points depending on how well the participant completed the event. In the end, prizes were given to the highest scorers.

Participants had to pay a $100 fee to enter the event. The fee included three hours of golfing practice and activities, along with a buffet of food and drinks. All other proceeds benefitted the UMD women’s golf team.

There was no restriction on who could come to the event, since it was supposed to be an educational opportunity, as well, Cantu said. People in attendance ranged from young kids, who were golfing for the first time, to a two-time Masters player. Most did not travel far for the event, but each had a different reason to participate.

“We would like to have this every year and we are lucky enough to have a bigger event this year than last year and we just hope to keep growing,” Cantu said.

Lara Kaplan from Fairfax, Virginia graduated from UMD in 2009 and played on the women’s golf team when she was a student.

“I came out to support the team,” Kaplan said. “I am excited to see how the team is since I haven’t been here in eight years.”

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