Maryland Day: a look back at what you may have missed

Photo by Morgan Politzer.

By Jon Orbach

Students and locals alike showed their UMD pride at Maryland Day’s 19th installation April 29.

With 400 events and attractions all throughout campus, according to its official website, the day was a huge success, bringing thousands of participants in.

Maryland Day was split up into what the official booklet coined six “learning neighborhoods: Terp Town Center, situated on the mall with schools’ and colleges’ tables, performances and food; Ag Day Avenue, focused on agriculture and natural resources; Art and Design Place, performances and arts talents around campus; Biz and Society Hill, business, public policy and social sciences events; Science and Tech Way, with events on the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel; and Sports and Rec Row, giving tours of the Xfinity Center and group fitness activities.

The day was an hours-long affair, with some events starting as early as 8 a.m. and finishing up around 4 p.m.

Participants in the plank challenge on McKeldin Mall. Photo by Morgan Politzer.

Sophomore mechanical engineering major Brandon Greulich was up bright and early to perform for the men’s chorus in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

“I don’t like how hot it is, and I don’t like how I haven’t eaten today,” Greulich said, “But I love the energy on the campus during Maryland Day.”

According to Arts and Humanities director of marketing and communications, Nicky Everette, the heat did not affect the crowds who came in.

Participants are given the opportunity to try walking on a tightrope. Photo by Morgan Politzer.

“It’s really warm, but it’s one of the better days we’ve had,” Everette said. “This would be up there in my top two.”

Everette said one of her favorite portions of the day was getting to see a behind-the-scenes look into design students putting their shows together.

Junior broadcast journalism major Nick Sobel had his fun in a different domain.

“I really enjoyed the police booth,” Sobel said. “I thought it was really cool that they gave the public an inside look at the different equipment they use. I talked to a couple of the officers, and they told me what they do on a daily basis.”

Senior economics and government and politics major Nick Rozzo, who tabled for the University Student Judiciary, enjoyed seeing so many visitors “exploring all the opportunities” the university has to offer.

“The food’s great, the weather’s great,” he said. “It seems like people are more engaged this year.”

Maryland Day on McKeldin Mall. Photo by Morgan Politzer.

For some, including senior marketing and supply chain management major Luke Makris — also known as High5guy — Maryland Day is an opportunity to give back to the community.

“Everybody’s giving me high five, and I’m giving out high fives,” Makris said. “It makes [the day] 10 times better.”

“Overall, it was a great day,” Sobel said. “I can’t wait to come back next year and do so many of the cool things I go to do again today.”


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