Kedma and Jewish Student Union hold 5K fundraiser for Save a Child’s Heart nonprofit

5k pic

By Maris Medina

This university’s Jewish Student Union and Kedma, its Orthodox Jewish community, partnered Sept. 17 to hold Pump a Heart, Save a Heart — a 5K race in support of a nonprofit organization, Save a Child’s Heart.

According to its website, the Israel-based nonprofit is an international organization that aims to provide cardiac care and training for doctors and nurses in developing countries, as well as offering assistance to thousands of children worldwide.

According to Kedma Community Service Program Coordinator Lydia Sonenklar, around 130 individuals were registered in the days approaching the event, meaning they raised more than $1,500.

Junior communications major Josh Goldstein said JSU has partnered with Save a Child’s Heart in previous years, helping to fundraise with events such as Bubble Soccer.

“[Bubble Soccer] raised awareness and everything, but we didn’t really raise a ton of money like we would have liked to,” said Goldstein, a member of JSU. “With a race — and with a much bigger turnout and many more opportunities to raise money — it [will be] huge.”

Kedma also held a 5K last year to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding the cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Sonenklar, a senior Hearing & Speech Sciences major, said she saw the success of last year’s run and wanted to plan another one to support the Save a Child’s Heart organization in partnership with JSU.
“We thought that bringing our numbers together with both of our communities, [to support] the greater good and raise money for [this] charity, would be amazing,” said Kedma President Aaron Yitzhaky. “It’s a great way to bring people together for the beginning of the semester.”

Yitzhaky, a senior kinesiology major, said he expects this fundraiser to become an annual event that both challenges endurance and supports a good cause.

“My hope is that it’s not just another race where you run a 5K, put in [$12] and get a t-shirt, but to recognize that your $12 is going such a far way and that the work [Save a Child’s Heart] does is unparallel to any other organization,” Yitzhaky said.

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