DOTS gives out free bike helmets and spreads awareness during Bike Safety Month

IMG_1284By Chris Tulp

In honor of UMD’s Bike Safety Month, the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) handed out properly fitted bike helmets to anyone with a bike registered on campus Oct. 20 outside of Stamp.

By the end of the event, which lasted for two hours, DOTS had handed out about 50 helmets.

According to the DOTS website, bikers under the age of 16 are required by law to wear helmets in the state of Maryland. However, BikeUMD recommends every biker wear a helmet regardless of age.

Senior geology major Tyler Hicks said that giving away helmets is important in promoting safe riding on campus.

“The best thing DOTS can do is offer free protection gear, because college students love free things, and often times, anything that makes a college student look stupid usually isn’t worth the money,” Hicks said.

UMD has been considered a Gold-level Bike Friendly University since 2014, meaning bikers and drivers share the road. Only 10 schools have this title.

Surveys were handed out to students along with the helmets, as a way for DOTS to make necessary changes in upholding safety and ease while riding on campus. Questions asked about the routes students take to get where they are going, where they encounter particular problems and where the most traffic occurs.

According to junior computer science major Lawrence Byun, the way this university accommodates bikers is relevant to many students on campus.

IMG_1287“It’s particularly important for UMD, just because there’s a lot of students who bike around campus and people who live off campus who commute to campus by different routes on a daily basis,” Byun said.

Junior Psychology major Alexander Miller said it’s an important to keep in mind the equal responsibility both drivers and bikers have on the road.

“Even though I don’t always follow the rules, I know it is an important reminder that bikers stay alert at all times.”

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