Aerie brand teams with national and campus organizations in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

IMG_4128By Katherine Brzozowski

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aerie brand ambassadors on campus teamed with sororities Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Lambda Xi and the Bright Pink organization Oct. 25 to promote breast health proactivity in young women.

The Shape of You event took place Oct. 25 on McKeldin Mall. 

Bright Pink strives to educate women on ways to protect themselves from breast cancer and ovarian cancer while still young. Sophomore marketing major and Aerie ambassador Lidija Jurovich said Aerie has partnered with this organization and sororities on campus to reach out to and empower women. 

At the event, UMD Aerie ambassadors distributed about 100 free shirts for students to draw breasts on, along with other Aerie merchandise, as a way of spreading awareness of breast and ovarian cancers.

“I hope that [girls] will remember this and they will remember to get checked for breast cancer,” Jurovich said. “This event isn’t really about Aerie; it’s about the bigger picture of breast cancer awareness during this month.”

Gamma Phi Beta member and senior mechanical engineering major Delana Ganey said the event is especially important for college-age students.

IMG_4120.JPG“I think people our age just don’t think they need to be checked for a lot of different health things,” Ganey said. “But it’s important that we have events like this that encourage students to get checked even when they’re 18 to 22 [years old].”

Junior biology major Stephanie Arnouk, whose great aunt survived breast cancer, said she saw the lasting effects the disease had on someone close to her. Arnouk said it is important that people understand how common the disease is, and that women should be taking breast health exams regularly.

According to Jurovich, ambassadors host a series of breast cancer awareness events at ten universities around the country during the month of October.

“Aerie’s mission is all about loving your real, imperfect self, because that is perfectly perfect,” Jurovich said.

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