Maryland loses to Michigan in conference showdown

By Sydney Fazio

The Maryland Terrapins fell to the Michigan Wolverines 35-10 at Maryland Stadium on Saturday.

The 4-5 Terps faced a big conference game against 7-2 Michigan, looking to pick up their first victory against the Wolverines since 2014. Maryland had a big task ahead of them, with their fifth string quarterback, Ryan Brand, only finding out he was playing on Friday morning, a day before the game.

Maryland head coach D.J. Durkin seemed optimistic about Brand’s debut.

“There’s plenty of stuff to clean up,” Durkin said. “I like how he bounced back in the second half, I think he was a little timid in the first half, which is to be expected, but he made some good decisions and played well.”

The first half was slow for the Terps, having only eight first downs, and 138 offensive yards in the first two quarters combined. Michigan capitalized on Maryland’s struggle, scoring four touchdowns in five possessions—their momentum deflating that of the Terrapins.

“Obviously in the first half it was a game of field position, and we put ourselves in bad spots,” Durkin said. “We say it all the time, when you turn over the ball it’s hard to win those games, and we did do that at times, so we just have to make more plays.”

The second half is where the Terps found their groove. Overall, Maryland controlled the ball, they had more rushing yards, and until Michigan’s final touchdown with five minutes left, the Terps had 10 unanswered points. With 9:46 left in regulation, receiver Taivon Jacobs caught a 12-yard pass from Brand for Maryland’s first and only touchdown.

When asked if he made any changes in his game to make him more productive, Jacobs shrugged.

“I didn’t really make a change, I just told the coach areas that I feel that we could be better in, you know, enhance the offense,” Jacobs said. “Some of it is picking my game up, and just being on the same page with everything. We found a clicking situation, and now we click in just about every game.”

Coach Durkin said he felt his team relaxed in the second half.

“To me, you look at the second half, and you saw us finally just take a deep breath, relax, and play football, and I think we outplayed them in the second half pretty clearly,” Durkin said. “We don’t need to do anything special. All we need to do is execute.”

Brand didn’t deny that he was a little nervous for this game, being that his hometown, Detroit, is only 45 minutes away from University of Michigan.

“I’ll be crazy if I said I didn’t feel some type of way about it being Michigan,” Brand said. “It’s any other team—if I made it any more than that, it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the teammates, it wouldn’t be fair to myself. I just treat it like any other game.”

The Terps are going on the road to take on Michigan State next Saturday in East Lansing in hopes of redemption.

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