The Catholic Student Center’s Fall Harvest Festival offers games, fall treats, and a sense of community

Decorations and picture prop. Photo by Patrick Bortel

By Grace Dille

The Catholic Student Center (CSC) held their first social event of the year, The Fall Harvest Festival, at the CSC on Nov. 10, bringing students together for an evening of games and fall treats.

Students participated in bobbing for apples, donut competitions and pumpkin bowling. The festival also had hot apple cider, a bonfire and fall-time snacks, like popcorn, to enjoy.

After bobbing for apples, Katherine Donoghue, a sophomore elementary education major and CSC member, said she stopped to dry off her face because she “couldn’t really see.”

“It was much harder than I expected, to be honest with you. I thought it was going to be really easy but it was like every time you tried to grab one it felt like you were drowning,” Donoghue said. “It was fun though, even though I didn’t get any.”

This event was all about “building the CSC community,” according to Katrina Haas, a fifth year senior studying special education. Haas has been a member of the CSC since her freshman year and said the festival is “a really cool time to invite friends into the community so they can meet other people without it being overwhelmingly faith-based.”

The CSC holds many events throughout the year, ranging from community service events, an annual Christmas party, a formal dance, a scavenger hunt in the spring and daily masses in the Memorial Chapel. They also have a Wednesday evening mass, followed by a free dinner, which tends be be popular among students.

Senior aerospace engineering major and social committee chair of CSC Ben Dobson encourages people to come to the CSC events and become involved in the community because it feels like “one big family.”

“The people are so welcoming and it doesn’t matter when you come by,” Dobson said. “Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time, people are always so nice and welcoming.”

CSC President Mykala MacEachern, a senior English major, said she likes that her faith support system is all college students because “they’re all in the same boat and really relatable.”

“Having brothers and sisters in faith to encourage you and to walk with you in your faith is something I think everyone needs,” MacEachern said.

Father Rob, Chaplain of the Catholic Student Center, believes that social events like the Fall Harvest Festival are important to come together “outside of worship” and “bring others in who maybe aren’t a part of the community that are desiring community.”

Father Rob thinks that building relationships is vital to students’ well-beings, especially for those who may not have a support system.

“There’s a lot of people that I think that are very lonely in this world right now,” Father Rob said. “I think that’s a lot of the problem that we have in our society, is that people don’t have others.”

“What the Catholic Student Center offers is relationships with other people, to meet other people where they are, to accept them where they are and to help bring them into something bigger than themselves,” he said.

Gallery by Patrick Bortel

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