An overview of the College Park election results

By Nicole Weinstein

The College Park Local Elections came to a close on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 7. The voting took place at the City Hall in College Park from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Residents and students lined up in the rain to vote for mayor and council members for their district. Three University of Maryland students ran for city council.

Election winners can greatly affect student life. Several candidates campaigned on getting stricter about noise complaints and having the police shut down late night happenings around the university.

All of the incumbent candidates for mayor and council were re-elected. Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn was re-elected for his second term with 1,495 votes.  Mary C. Cook came in second with 527 votes, Tom Chen was third with 351 votes and Lalzarliani H. Malsawma came in fourth with 98 votes.

Three student candidates—Alexander C. Tobin, Zack A. Miller, and Cindy Guijosa—ran for city council in hopes to better represent the student population of College Park. Miller and Guijosa ran with mayoral candidate Tom Chen.

“I personally voted for Tom Chen, Zack Miller, and Cindy Guijosa. As a student attending this university, I feel as though Tom Chen spoke out for our needs,” said sophomore communication major Lilly Valente. “A majority of College Park’s population is made up of college students, and this is why it important that he is representing this town.”

“I voted for Tom Chen and Zack Miller because I want College Park to remain a fun place to be a college student,” said sophomore journalism major Samantha Caruso, “I am worried about the future of the college if other candidates get elected. I feel he is someone who really cares about the students’ needs and wants to help, unlike the other candidates who are against them.”

Miller and Guijosa ran for District 3 but lost with 284 and 279 votes respectively to Robert Day and John Rigg. Tobin ran for District 2 and lost as well with 81 votes.

Tobin weighed in on the election results. He said, “I was overall pleased with the results. Mayor Wojahn, Councilman Brennan, and Councilman Dennis are great public servants that promote growth and inclusion. There are people who want to see the city work with the university–work with the students–and those people got a mandate at the ballot box. I will always have a passion for public service and law. I am sure this will not be the last time I engage in my community in a public way.”





















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