Maryland Hillel hosts Good Deeds Day to benefit Lupus patients

By Brian Abate

Maryland Hillel hosted Good Deeds Day Fall 2017: Tie-Tie-Thai, a service event that donated hand-made blankets to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Approximately 30 students volunteered on Saturday, November 12th from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and tied blankets that will be donated directly to the foundation, according to Talia Orencel, event organizer and the Director of Engagement and Social Justice at Maryland Hillel.

The event’s name was inspired by its elements: students tied blankets, tie-dyed shirts, and ate Thai food.

“This was a chance to volunteer while still having a good time,” said Anna Kaplan, a freshman communications major. Other volunteers said the event was an opportunity to give back.

“I felt compelled to help the Lupus Foundation,” said Kobi Nachenberg, a junior civil engineering major. “Hillel events are very enlightening and always make me want to make a bigger impact on the community, but it’s still fun. We turned it into a competition to see who could tie the blankets quicker.” Other volunteers also praised the Lupus Foundation.

“This is a great foundation, and obviously lupus can’t be cured, so the least we can do is send in blankets and make sure patients are comfortable,” said Alex Pollack, a junior computer engineering major.

This is the first Tie-Tie-Thai event Hillel has hosted, but this year was the third annual Fall Good Deeds day. Hillel has also hosted numerous other charity events this year.

“Usually we have even more people at the Spring Good Deeds Day than the Fall one,” said Orencel. “That’s been going on for more years and I think more people know about. We’re trying to spread the word so we can get an even bigger turnout.” Orencel also praised the volunteers for their contributions.

“They’ve done a great job,” she said. “We’ve obviously had a lot of volunteers from the Jewish community, but we’ve had some volunteers from sororities and fraternities too, which is also great.”

“This is more than just putting in time community service for frats and sororities,” said Nachenberg.

Hillel has a service day on a Sunday every month, according to the Maryland Hillel website. Orencel said volunteers are always welcome.



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