Vintage Voices club donates iPods and music players to senior citizens

By Christian Spencer

Vintage Voices, a campus club that performs nostalgic sing-along shows to the elderly, orchestrated an iPod and MP3 player donation drive for senior citizens through Dec. 1.

According to the Becky Goodridge, the founder and president of Vintage Voices, the club works to “improve quality of life through music and strengthen the voices of senior citizens.

“We perform for the residents, donate iPods, visit with the residents, and strengthen the voice of senior citizens through advocacy on campus,” Goodridge said.

Each iPod is given to a resident, and the song list is personalized based on the resident’s personal preferences.

“We held our first iPod drive last semester, and we plan to continue holding an iPod drive each semester,” Goodridge said. “We also hold a Benefit Concert each Spring to fundraise for iPods, headphones, and songs.”

Once the devices are submitted, the organization will restore all players to their factory settings, erasing any previously saved data on the devices. Student donors have the option to do so themselves.

This year’s Vintage Voices iPod Drive has been in the making since February. They set up a GoFundMe page for those who wanted to contribute but did not have an iPod or music player to spare. They reached $1,347, topping their original $1,000 donation goal.

“When my father had limited communication after [having] major strokes, music could still…make him smile or cry,” said Diana Newman, who contributed to the drive. “[It’s a] wonderful service.”

“[It’s] a great way to bring music to nursing homes,” said Shannon Lazara, another donor.

According to Senior Care, there are 436 working seniors, they only make up 5 percent of the College Park population, and 29 percent of those seniors are living alone.

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