Terrapin Row residents anticipate arrival of Dunkin’ Donuts and other establishments

By Lyna Bentahar

Six restaurants have signed leases for retail space under Terrapin Row, the earliest of which, Dunkin’ Donuts, is expected to arrive this spring.

Restaurants, such as Wings Over, prepare to set up locations on Terrapin Row’s ground floor. Photo by Lyna Bentahar

Dunkin’ Donuts specifically reached out to Terrapin Row to place a location on its ground floor. Guy Rudiger, the public relations specialist representing the donut and coffee chain, said the decision was largely influenced by the University of Maryland community’s need for a Dunkin’ Donuts within walking distance of campus.

“The Varsity and the View have these food spots under them, and it helps make the apartment complex more homey,” says Michael Flynn, a senior communications major living in Terp Row. “I think that would be nice to have.”

According to Flynn, residents typically go to the shopping center down Hartwick Road for food, or coffee at Starbucks. It takes residents about five minutes to walk from Terp Row to the shopping center on Route 1.

“It would definitely be closer,” says Flynn. “It’s nice to have things just right here, right out the door.”

The other six restaurants expected to move in to Terrapin Row this year are SeoulSpice, Wings Over, Cheers Cut, Poki District and Gong Cha.

Flynn said he had spoken to other residents about the excitement for all these restaurants. Among the restaurants, however, Dunkin’ Donuts appears the most anticipated.

“I think that one’s going to be a hit,” says Flynn. “I think Dunkin’ Donuts would be very popular.”

Ed Stillwell, a junior mechanical engineering major and Flynn’s roommate, has been living in Terrapin Row for two years and was disappointed by the lack of restaurants in the area. Stillwell first became aware of the move last fall through emails that he had been receiving from Terrapin Row updating him on the projects, although it appears some details were spared.

“I didn’t even know they were building a Wings Over place,” says Stillwell. “I just saw a massive banner saying ‘Wings Over, coming soon!’ I was like, ‘oh, so that’s happening.’”

Both Flynn and Stillwell have seen very little construction occurring on the property.

“If you look, there’s nothing that’s been too crazy,” says Flynn.

“They’ve just started having little restaurants pop up here and there,” says Stillwell. “It’s just getting ready to start. I saw black curtains blocking off areas, but I haven’t seen any actual construction.”

Terrapin Row’s landowners, The Orlo Fund, and their representatives, MSC University, could not be reached for comment regarding their progress.

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