Halal Mexican cuisine, Krazi Burrito, brings variety to Route 1

Krazi Burrito OpeningBy: Grace Dille

Krazi Burrito, a restaurant that blends Mexican food with halal cooking, opened along Route 1 on Feb. 12, offering one more late-night option to students.

The fast-casual restaurant shares the same building as Krazi Kebob on Route 1, both of which are owned by College Park business owner Nomie Hamid. Krazi Burrito took the place of Bread N Greens, a restaurant Hamid also owned.

“One thing we’re realizing is high-end stuff cannot go in College Park,” Hamid said. “Kids just want something that’s as cheap as possible, and something that tastes good, so that’s what we’re here providing.”

Hamid’s newest addition to College Park offers a variety of Mexican food, including burritos and burrito bowls, tacos, quesadillas and nachos, with fresh halal meat.

The late-night restaurant will stay open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and until 10 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, according to Hamid.

By offering late-night hours and a delivery service, Hamid hopes to “maximize revenue and profits.”

To celebrate their grand opening, the restaurant is offering $5 burritos until March 31; buy one, get one free burritos for students on Wednesdays after 4 p.m.; and free burritos for everyone who comes in March 1.

Krazi Burrito Opening
Malik, Assistant Manager of Krazi Burrito, prepares some soft tacos

Anna Hurr, a junior elementary education major, said she was drawn to Krazi Burrito because of their special two-for-one deal.

“It’s pretty reasonable if you compare it to Chipotle,” Hurr said. “The two for one deal is great…so my friends and I will probably be here a lot more often.”

Junior mechanical engineering major Kenan Megahed said he has been to Krazi Burrito three times since its opening.

“Right now, with the deals and the prices, value-wise, Krazi Burrito is winning,” Megahed said. “But to be honest, I think Chipotle still has the edge.”

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