Gov. Hogan signs new gun regulations for Maryland

By Lindsey Collins

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed three new gun regulations into law on April 24, including a ban on a device used to accelerate fire in semi-automatic weapons called “bump stocks.”

The bill was introduced into the Maryland legislature in light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year, said The Washington Post.

“I wasn’t aware of this technology but I am very aware with the massive issue the government is having with regulating complex and rapidly advancing technology successfully,” said senior electrical and computer engineering major Rodrigo Pimenta. “I think technology that can increase the fire rate of a firearm is scary and should be quickly met with preemptive regulation to block its creation and use.”

Hogan also signed a bill creating a “red flag” law called Extreme Risk Protection Orders which allows families to ask a judge for the seizure of a weapon from a person at risk of hurting themselves or others, according to WAMU.

“We’re signing common sense, bipartisan measures that will keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and those with criminal backgrounds,” Hogan told WAMU.

The third bill Hogan signed requires convicts of certain domestic violence-related offenses to present proof that they do not own a gun.

“I’m from right outside Baltimore and the crime rates there are absurd,” said sophomore Patrick Hutson, a government and politics major. “These measures might actually make a difference.”

The motion comes less than two months after Cpl. Mujahid Ramzziddin of the Prince George’s County Police Department was fatally shot while off duty when he stepped in to protect a domestic violence victim in a Brandywine neighborhood.

The alleged shooter, 37-year-old Glenn Tyndell, had three open warrants for assault, according to WUSA 9.

“The death of the police officer in Brandywine highlights the larger problems of what happens when people who are abusive have access to weapons,” College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn said during a city council meeting last month. “Hopefully this will help to tighten our state laws for that.”

Hogan– like fellow Republican governors in Florida and Vermont– has signed additional gun regulations in the past few months, even though Maryland already has harsher gun regulations than most states,.

Groups like as the National Rifle Association, who previously endorsed Hogan, oppose “red flag” legislation and laws restricting bump stocks on the grounds that it violates Second Amendment rights.

President of gun rights group Maryland Shall Issue Mark Pennak has voiced his opposition on these laws because they are “extremely vague” and lawmakers need to work on defining banned parts and devices, according to WBAL TV 11.

“It will be the strongest law of its type in the entire country,” president of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence Jen Pauliukonis told The Baltimore Sun.

Featured photo courtesy of Julianne Heberlein       

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